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Introducing Dental Hygienist in Watford

One of the most important facilities at the Market Street Dental Practice is our dental hygienist service. Our hygienists will give you the best chance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy with the treatment they offer and by educating you on routines for keeping your teeth and gums in shape. These are the people who help patients keep their teeth healthy and they have a vital role in the dental team.


We know that life can be busy and we have clinics in the evenings and at other times that will be useful to those who are working during the day. We think our town centre setting offers a very convenient location and the number of patients we have that come to us from other locations confirms it!

Direct Access to Hygienist Services

Even if you are lucky enough to have teeth and gums that are in great shape, a regular cleaning and flossing regime is going to be important to make sure they stay that way. There is no need to visit the dentist for a referral; through Direct Access, you can make your own hygienists appointment.

Making your Dental Health a Priority

At the heart of the training of every hygienist is a dedication to help prevent dental problems. By carefully removing hard deposits called ‘calculus’ that build upon the teeth and can go on to affect your gums, they will make sure you have the best chance of a trouble-free dental future.

Dazzling Smiles

Our hygienists will always look at the whole picture and will want to talk to you about what you eat, when you eat it and how often you clean and floss your teeth. Helping you to develop good habits with teeth cleaning your hygienist will also help you choose the right toothbrush, showing you how to use it properly. Making a regular visit to one of our hygienists in Watford will go a long way towards helping you enjoy the best dental health for a lifetime. They will also be on hand to spot any potential problems if they arise and refer you to one of our dentists.


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