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All On 4 Implants

One of the latest dental procedures that are very high in demand and offers long-term relief is All on 4 ®. This new technology is considered to be significantly less invasive than the traditional methods and can be the most appropriate alternative, as it requires fewer (only 4 or 6) implants to replace full sets of teeth and is much cheaper than conventional implants. Replacement of full sets of teeth with permanent replacements that look natural and are as functional as your normal teeth. If you are tired of dental implants that cost a lot, this new breakthrough restores your biting force and chewing power, while eliminating the diet limitations that you had. For more information on prices and offers contact us.

The implants in this procedure are firmly put to position on the jaw that can act as a suitable platform for bridges and dentures. The status of your teeth, gum and jaw will be examined by our specialist dentists who will listen to your needs to design a customized treatment for optimum results.

Particularly Suitable For

  • Those patients with failing dentitions
  • As an alternative to integrating implants and troublesome jaws
  • For patients currently with upper and/or lower dentures
  • Patients that feel discomfort with dentures
  • Those that dislike the movement of dentures
  • Those unhappy with their chewing power

Benefits Of All On 4 Treatment:

  • An effective alternative to traditional dental implants
  • Elimination of diet limitations
  • More straightforward than alternatives, as it only needs 4 implants
  • Elimination of the need for bone graft surgery
  • An ideal long-term resolution


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