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Cancelled Appointments

Failure to Attend/late cancellation policy

Valuable surgery time can be lost when patients fail to attend their appointments or cancel at short notice. This makes it difficult for us to accommodate patients requiring urgent treatment, for existing patients to book appointments and for new patients to register with us.

NHS Patients

The practice provides dental treatment to a large number of NHS patients. Under NHS regulations, we are unable to charge NHS patients who fail to attend their appointments or who cancel at short notice (less than 48 hours is insufficient notice). We ask for you to please notify the practice if you cannot attend by phoning the practice on 01923224225  or by emailing us at  [email protected] .

If you miss more than 2 appointments and give less than 48 hours notice we may not be able to complete your treatment or offer you NHS care in the future

Private Patients

Failing to attend an appointment for the first time will result in a letter sent to your home address along with a copy of this policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are informed of any changes to your contact information. After the first instance, failing to attend an appointment may result in a charge of £30.00 per appointment.

Late cancellation charges of £30.00 may be applied if an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours and we are unable to fill the time.

Patients who are unable to make their appointment because of illness should, where possible, contact the practice as soon as they are aware that they cannot attend. If you are unsure whether you can make it to an appointment, please contact us early to discuss the matter rather than leaving it to the last minute. Failing to notify us before the appointment time could result in a failure to attend charge being made unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We understand that emergencies and unexpected events do happen and so discretion will be used in all cases.


Phone and text reminders are available for all appointments. If we have your contact information on file, we will always provide a reminder call 24 hours in advance of your appointment. If we cannot speak to you in person we will always leave an answerphone message, where the option is available to do so.

Please advise us of any changes to your contact details (address, telephone numbers, email) to help us keep our records up to date and ensure that we are able to contact you.

Please note, reminders are provided out of courtesy, not a necessity. It is your responsibility to turn up on time for an appointment. Failure of the reminder system for any reason is not sufficient reason for failing to attend or turning up too late for treatment.


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